Mr Paramasivam Sathyamoorthy

Mr Paramasivam Sathyamoorthy MBBS, FRCS (Glasgow) MCh (Ortho Liverpool), FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Sathyamoorthy is a specialist in shoulder, elbow and hand problems including sports related injuries. He prides himself in his innovative approach to treatment and his up-to-date knowledge of the field. He uses the latest techniques to correct, treat and repair damage to the upper limbs.

His time is divided between his commitments to the NHS and in the private sector at Spire Yale hospital, Wrexham and the Nuffield Chester Grosvenor hospital where he is a well-respected consultant, considered an expert in his field.

He was appointed as a full time substantive NHS consultant orthopaedic surgeon in 2008 and has been working in North Wales since and his current position is as a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon at the Glan Clwyd hospital, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Mr Sathyamoorthy works closely with a dedicated team of sports physicians, musculoskeletal radiologists, physiotherapists and other health professionals to optimise each patient’s function and recovery. He sees over 2000 new patients annually and performs over 750 procedures each year.

Some of Mr Sathyamoorthy’s most popular treatments include: arthroscopic surgery for subacromial decompressions, AC joint excisions, rotator cuff tears, labral tears, including Bankart and SLAP repairs and shoulder replacements.


Mr Sathyamoorthy is a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon. Graduating in medicine from Madras University, India in 1991, Mr Sathyamoorthy moved to the UK in 1994, where he underwent basic surgical training followed by higher surgical training in Orthopaedics. He completed his Fellowship at the Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow and a clinical masters degree MCh[ortho] in orthopaedics from the University of Liverpool,  before gaining his specialised Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in trauma and orthopaedics. He obtained his CCT [certificate of completion in training] in Orthopaedics in 2006 after completing his higher surgical training at Mersey Deanery.

He has done a fellowship in hand surgery in 2003 at the Dept of Plastic Surgery hand unit at St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust.

He did a fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery in 2008 after completion of his higher surgical training at the Professorial Upper Limb Unit in the Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals.

Athletes from a diverse range of sporting backgrounds and patients with degenerative arthritic problems in the shoulder and elbow have been treated successfully, including golfers, tennis players, climbers and other outdoor activity enthusiasts

Mr Sathyamoorthy has a special interest in combined shoulder and neck problems, for which he runs a specialist NHS clinic.


As an expert in upper-limb orthopaedic surgery, Mr Sathyamoorthy is often called upon to educate those entering the profession or to provide specialist knowledge to GPs. He works with Bangor University, training advanced clinical practitioners working on the trauma ward and Extended scope physiotherapists. He acts as a mentor and assessor for their clinical competence. He also works with the Universities of Cardiff and Liverpool – allowing medical students to attend his clinics for teaching purposes.

Research and Publication

Mr Sathyamoorthy has contributed to numerous pieces of research and publications in the area of orthopaedic shoulder, elbow and hand injury and treatment. Some are quoted below

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